DIEBEN Residence, Peregian Beach, QLD.

STRIKING FEATURES – SHIP SHAPE Design; Without a doubt this is the epitome of complex architectural home design which demanded complex airconditioning design.   Stunning and eye-catching detail with a strong theme of sea and maritime architecture.  The round windows are akin to portholes of a ship.  The home is sprawled over 3 levels, cleverly capturing stunning sea views.  The design features massive timber posts, and extensive use of glass throughout.  A complex building this home also required out of the box approach to airconditioning.

With an impeccable reputation in challenging the most complex of buildings Arkfield were chosen above all else; delivery exact requirements to the owner’s needs.

Value: $ Undisclosed.

AC Complexities:

  • Limited ceiling cavity space.
  • Large thermal loads (Extensive use of glass)
  • Strict bi-laws for sound plant and equipment.
  • High Corrosive Environment

Project Overview:

  • Designers: Chris Clout Design
  • AC Design: ARKFIELD
  • Location: Peregian Beach, QLD.
  • System: 3 x VRV airconditioning systems, architectural Airgrilles.

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