HOLMES Residence, Point Cartwright, QLD.

POINT CARTWRIGHT MASTER. 3 Story Curtain Glass wall – Facing west on thisFour (4) level home with elevator including dedicated cinema.   With 240-degree sea and mountain views, this stunning designed home set on a corner block located on the Sunshine Coast presented many challenges to all involved.  The home is suspended slab construction on all levels.  Special self-cleaning glass was used to reduce the buildup of salt to prevent unobtrusive beach views.

Value: $3.3 Million plus.

AC Features:

  • The entire house (excluding stairwell) utilises a single outdoor system providing simultaneous cooling and heating. The home includes a massive (3) story glass wall (curtain wall) to drench the stairwell of natural light which is located on the western side of the house. However even though the highest UV tint film was used, it still required a dedicated AC system to condition this space.

AC Complexities:

  • Limited ceiling cavity space.
  • Large thermal loads (Extensive use of glass)
  • Strict bi-laws for sound plant and equipment
  • High corrosive environment
  • Extensive Airconditioning pipework and systems.
  • Ductwork
  • Matching Airgrilles colours to various colours of the cinema walls and bulkheads.

Project Overview:

  • Designers: ELNEL Design.
  • Consultants: ARKIFIELD in house design
  • Location: Point Cartwright, QLD.
  • System: 3 PIPE VRV Heat recovery Airconditioning systems, architectural Airgrilles.

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